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Professional Services

At Embersail, we are passionate about bringing immersive and captivating gaming experiences to life. With a combined 30+ years in creative industries and Master's degrees in digital media, we offer a range of exceptional services in the gaming industry, including Game Design and Game Production.

Game Design & Creative Direction

We understand that a successful game starts with a strong concept and engaging mechanics. By leveraging our expertise, we collaborate closely with our clients to create gameplay experiences targeting the needs of your vision and IP. With our game design services, you will get:

Iterated Prototypes

Iterated prototypes, backed with a detailed analysis of player feedback, insights on player engagement, and metrics for player-centric design.

Detailed Mapping

Detailed mapping of the game's applicable visual models, covering narrative, levels and progression, mechanical systems, economy, and UI/UX.

Full Design Document

A full design document for the game's features, construction details, and blueprints.

Game Production & Pipeline Planning

Production is where the magic happens. Our experience in product management and collaborative processes enables you and your team to efficiently manage resources, meet deadlines, and maintain exceptional quality throughout the production and development cycle. With our game production services, you will get:

Project Management

Project management at multiple levels across cross-discipline teams to unsure that resources are optimized and processes run smoothly.

Collaboration Methodologies

Collaboration methodologies to work closely with you and your team, fostering an environment of open communication and alignment on key decision-making.

Risk Management

Risk management for complex processes with inherent uncertainties, driven by our proactive approach to challenges with contingency plans.

Comprehensive Release

Comprehensive release planning and strategy tailored to your game and target market, considering factors such as timing, platform selection, marketing campaigns, and distribution channels.

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